Have fun,
be safe.

Your guide to Fuel Safety

TSSA is looking out for your safety

Whether you're relaxing by the gas fireplace, barbecuing your favourite meal, filling up at the gas station, having oil delivered to your home or grabbing a bite from your local hot dog stand; keep safe by following these fuel-related safety tips.

TSSA is responsible for safety services associated with the transportation, storage, handling and use of fuels such as fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, butane, gas and hydrogen.

But it’s not just about TSSA - you have just as an important role for safeguarding yourself and the safety of that of your family and friends when it comes to fuels. It’s about being aware, understanding and practicing safe habits associated with these fuels in and around your home.

Carbon Monoxide Campaign Image

The vast majority of Carbon Monoxide incidents occur in private residences due to a lack of regular maintenance.

Share the responsibility.