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Your guide to Elevator Safety

Keeping safe on Elevators

Whether you live or work in high rise buildings, elevators are a part of everyday life for many of us. This site is dedicated to helping you stay safe whilst getting where you need to be.

Riding Safe

While elevators are extremely safe and reliable, riders can be injured when distracted or rushing towards closing doors

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  • Over 80% of elevator accidents are caused by users
  • Elevator accidents most commonly occur in residential, commercial and institutional buildings
  • Distracted riders and rushing through closing doors are the most common causes of elevator accidents

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The vast majority of elevator incidents continue to be related to unsafe user behaviour such as passengers:

  • distracted by smart devices
  • charging or running through closing doors
  • using hands or legs to stop a closing door
  • not paying attention to children while on and around elevators
  • being overloaded by bags and parcels
  • try to get out if power fails or elevator suddenly stops

The next time you find yourself in one of these situations, take a breath and keep your cool otherwise your actions could cause an accident and delay you further.

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The vast majority of people injured in elevator accidents are a direct result of unsafe user behaviour.

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